Get my conversion advice from my 16-year experience of working with more than 300 companies to optimize their sales, leads, and conversions.

During our call, I will answer your questions individually.

I am happy to answer your conversion-related questions from the following topics:

Conversion optimization feedback

Landing page creation + optimization

CRO as a process

Conversion analysis + research

Tool choices

A/B testing

Testing ideas

Test variant setup (non-technical)

Test results evaluation + interpretation

HR + recruiting for CRO

1-on-1. Or bring your team.

Live call with screen sharing

You and your whole team can join the call where I will share my screen.

Recordings are included!

The call will be recorded and privately shared with you afterwards. This way, you and your team can re-watch anytime, anywhere.

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Read what my clients say about working with me:

Thorsten Becker, Sixt, says:
“Charming and related to practice at all times.
You will perceive Nils’ long-time expertise when you ask him your questions.
He simply knows what he’s talking about. 100% knowledge – 0% bullshit.”

Machiel Schepers, Airbnb, says:
“After seeing Nils speak at an event in Berlin we really wanted to learn from him.
He came to our office and taught us the principles of conversion optimization and offered some great new insights.
Super helpful!”

Ben Harmanus, HubSpot (prev. Unbounce), says:
“In Germany, Nils Kattau is a unicorn amongst landing page experts. This is due to his longtime experience, and the down-to-earthness in which he shares his knowledge. His talks never lack valuable insights and entertainment. At Unbounce, we had the honour of working with Nils multiple times – online and offline. The feedback from the audience was always outstanding. I absolutely recommend Nils as speaker and business partner.”

Sascha Blank, Holidayguru, says:
“Nils explains complex topics in a simple and easy-to-understand way.
We learned a lot from working with him. You can feel his passion for optimization.
I definitely recommend Nils as speaker and consultant – competent and congenial.”

Michael Wolf,, says:
“Brilliant insights put in a nutshell – and easy to understand.
Thank you for your support, Nils!
You gave us valuable tips that we could implement immediately.”

Chris Franke, Seatris, says:
“Thanks to his constructive recommendations we were able to increase our conversion rate while drastically reducing the bounce rate.
His tips are invaluable for every marketer. Absolute recommendation!”

But wait!Who is talking here?

My name is Nils Kattau. But call me Nils.

I am one of the leading conversion optimization experts. Since 2004, I ran 2,000+ A/B/n-tests for more than 300 companies and built one of the biggest agencies specialized in conversion optimization.

Since leaving my agency in 2016, I’ve been focusing on my own clients and projects.

I am co-author of several books about conversion optimization, online marketing, and growth hacking. Each year, I speak on the stages of many popular conferences and well-known companies. Also, I am the CRO university lecturer for Google’s first European Digital Marketing Degree.

I work with small and medium sized brands as well as market leaders like Facebook, Airbnb, PayPal, Amazon Audible and ebay with the goal to improve my clients’ conversions or knowledge in the field.

I share some of my knowledgeon YouTube and other platforms:

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