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Lecture 1: Conversion Optimization As A Process

  • Quick introduction to conversion optimization
  • How to have long-term success in optimization
  • How to optimize the right way – step by step
  • Why research is so important

Lecture 2: Repeatable Learnings From 2,000+ A/B tests

  • Skip the trial & error with my dos and don’ts from 16+ years of optimizing

Lecture 3: Directing Attention + Convincing People

  • How to take control of where people look
  • Sure-fire ways to make people understand your website fast
  • How to make people buy online without tricking them
  • How to write irresistible calls-to-action

Lecture 4: Landing Page Optimization Extreme

  • Tons of practical tips for every crucial part of a landing page

Lecture 5: Email Marketing & List Building

  • Why email marketing is one of the best marketing channels
  • How to make people sign up
  • How to keep them as valuable readers
  • How to use product launches to grow your mailing list without a marketing budget

Lecture 6: Mobile Conversion Optimization

  • What’s important to optimize your mobile conversions
  • How to deal with people’s mobile-specific FUDs (fears, uncertainties, and doubts)
  • Mobile CRO quality assurance

Lecture 7. Developing + Prioritizing Test Ideas

  • Why you should never test without a hypothesis
  • A framework to write great hypotheses
  • How to rate and prioritize your test ideas for the best outcome

Lecture 8: Creating Meaningful A/B Test Reports + Documentation

  • Why you should write test reports
  • How to use them to develop an optimization culture in your company
  • The anatomy of great test reports

Lecture 9: Conversion Research With CRO Heuristics + Expert Evaluation

  • How to approach CRO audits
  • What questions to ask when evaluating your website
  • How to use conversion frameworks for great results

Lecture 10: Conversion Research With User Feedback, Mouse Tracking + Co.

  • How to get the most out of user feedback
  • What questions to ask – and not to ask
  • How to gather and interpret mouse tracking data
  • How to use predictive eye tracking to evaluate your designs

Lecture 11: Conversion Research With Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager

  • How to identify important metrics in your web analytics
  • How to approach web analytics for conversion optimization
  • What’s important to track, and how to set it up

And more exclusive video content:

  • How to prepare your website for testing
  • How to set up your own A/B tests
  • Regular Q&A videos
  • Newly added content

Get ready-to-use worksheets:

  • A worksheet to write test hypotheses
  • A worksheet to prioritize your test ideas
  • A worksheet to automatically identify low hanging fruits, high impact tests, and more
  • A presentation template for great test reports

Follow step-by-step walkthrough tutorials for technical setups:

  • How to install your testing tool
  • How to set up Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager
  • How to set up your own A/B tests without coding skills

About your instructor:

Nils Kattau is one of the leading conversion optimization experts. Since 2004, he has run 2,000+ A/B/n-tests for more than 300 companies and built one of the biggest agencies specialized in conversion optimization. Since leaving his agency in 2016, he’s been focusing on his own projects and online marketing events.

He is co-author of several books about conversion optimization, online marketing, and growth hacking. Each year, he speaks on the stages of many popular conferences and well-known companies. Nils frequently shares his knowledge in webinars and social media. Also, he is the CRO university lecturer for Google’s first European Digital Marketing Degree.

Nils works with brands like Facebook, Airbnb, PayPal, Amazon Audible and ebay with the goal to improve their conversions or knowledge in the field.